Graduate List and Information

Tinora Graduates of 1991 Graduate List and Information


Also~ We want our classmates that may have not graduated with us, but shared high school memories with if you are one of those people, or you know someone who should be on this list, please send an email so I can get the name and info added!

As classmates register on, I will transfer info to this list.

1.Jennifer Britsch Garcia 415 Kaufman Street Holgate, Oh 43527 419.439.2592 German Mutual Insurance Napoleon, Ohio Computer Programmer     married: Ray Garcia      2 daughters: Harper and Gabby

2.Andrea Drewes Boehm Knapp Ford, LLC. Napoleon. Ohio Office Manager married:

3.Angela Westrick (soon to be Assaf)    The Crescent News Defiance, Ohio Lifestyle Editor

4.April Hornish Defiance, Ohio     APC  Defiance, Ohio   daughter: Hope

5.Jake Hageman

6.Tommy Boyle- Deceased 1992         Always in our thoughts and prayers.

7.Neil Weber Ayersville, Ohio

8.Pete Kappen Ayersville, Ohio

9.Pete Shook

10.Chad Speiser

11.Patty Block

12.Amy Bischoff Hesse Crown Inc. St.Mary's, Ohio Accounts Payable/Cost Accounting Supervisor married:

13.Susan Wagner Polasek       married;

14.Steve Bidlack Hilliard, Ohio

15.Chris Sheaks

16.Mollie Ryan

17.Shelly Elliott

18.Jenny Harris            married:

19.Starla Hoschak Wagler Hicksville, Ohio   married:

20.Bridget Wiley Lovejoy Sauder's Manufacturing Archbold, Ohio   married:

21.Aimee Cheek

22.Tim Moser  The State Bank  Defiance, Oh Agriculture Lending Manager

23.Anthony Walton

24.Aaron Hurtt      Oakwood, Oh

25.Alan Rodriguez       married: Star Ortiz

26.Andrea Wolfrum Kozan        Fruitport, MI            married:

27.Stephanie Moes

28.Renee Newton Hahn      Kindergarten teacher  married: Jason Hahn  3 kids: Devin, Chase, Chelsey  151 Commodore Pl  Norfolk, VA 23503  757-852-3961 

29.Reyes Ramirez

30.Chad Phillips

31.Mike Marshall

32.Tony Wilhelm

33.Rusty Slattman

34.Jason Hahn    married: see Renee Newton    U.S. Navy stationed in Norfolk, VA.  Laughing Thank you, Jason!

35.Corey Harris

36.Crissy Hale

37.Bea Roberts

38.Traci Meyer Flory married:

39.Gina Schafer Jimenez       married:

40.Ed Zimmer

41.Nicki Dietrich Basset         married:

42.Tina Flory

43.Tricia Lero

44.Dan Plassman

45.Jeremy Burkhart

47.Kevin Sweinhagen

48.Paul Brown

49.Nikki Sweinhagen

50.Tonya Stites Retcher      Continental. Oh    married: Eric Retcher

51.Chris Flory

52.Deb Babinger

53.Shelly Davis

54.Anissa Schwartzengraber Miller            Defiance, Ohio

55.Rachel Herrera

56.Rob Crawford Ft.Wayne, IN

57.John Newman

58.Joe Black

59.Soren Ammundsen

60.Stacy Nye Rose           Napoleon, Oh     married:

61.Lisa Smith

62.Kristin Pohlman

63.Christina Nicely

64.Ray Nagel

65.Tim Scheele

66.Mike Turner

67.Matt Helmke

68.Steve Zachrich

69.Lenny Froelich

70.Cheryl Grear

71.Myra Engler

72.Lonnie Manon

73.Brent Cobb Akron, Indiana

74.Brett Conway

75.Mike Liberman NY,NY

76.David Molzhon ICELAND!

77.Kai Pahling

78.Lori Lenhart

79.Brad Imthurn

80.Heather Henry

81.Michelle Mekus

82.Darren Ankney

83.Mark Beck

84.Tom Cramer

85.Matt Clemens

86.Thomas Egler

87.Brady Woolace

88.Barb Grimes

89.Chris Hearne

90.Chris Hoeffel

91.Kristy Justice

92.Dusty Long

93.Estest Mann

94.Doug Keber

95.Dawn Laws

96.Chris Martin

97.Eric Meek

98.Jamie Snyder

99.Terry Watchman

100.Chris Gonzales

101.Michael Harris

102.Donnie Kingrey

103.Steve Nicholson

104.Michael Salazar

105.Shane Seibold

106.Andy Dix